Saturday, June 30, 2007

Woody Woodpecker: An "Andy Panda" Spinoff?

Sean Gaffney has the titles and descriptions of all 75 cartoons in the upcoming Woody Woodpecker set.

Woody was introduced in an Andy Panda cartoon, hence the subject heading. He's hardly the only popular cartoon character to start out in someone else's cartoon. Popeye's debut cartoon, "Popeye the Sailor," is sort of an early version of a stealth spinoff pilot -- since it launched the character in a Betty Boop cartoon. Daffy Duck, of course, made his debut in a Porky Pig cartoon.

What other theatrical cartoon characters (as opposed to TV cartoons like Yogi Bear) made their debuts with established series cartoon stars?


Kevin W. Martinez said...

Goofy first appeared in a Mickey Mouse cartoon (Mickey's Revue, 1932), and depending on your view on the matter, Bugs Bunny might've made his debut in a Porky cartoon (Porky's Hare Hunt. 1938 d. Ben HArdaway).

There's more obscure examples; For example DFE's Tiajuna Toads begat the Blue Racer series.

Aaron T. said...

Betty Boop started in a Bimbo cartoon.

Sean Gaffney said...

Thanks for the link. :)

Anonymous said...

Yer fergettin' the duck!

Donald, that is.

First appeared as a guest musician in a Mickey Mouse cartoon about a band concert.

Also, Gabby spun off from the GULLIVER'S TRAVELS movie to a series of short cartoons.

Thad said...

Actually, Donald was in a Silly Symphony, "The Wise Little Hen" first.

Technically, Foghorn Leghorn is a spin-off from Henery Hawk.

Anonymous said...

Chip 'n Dale were in a Pluto cartoon.

Beaky Buzzard was no star but had a few cartoons after his debut with Bugs Bunny in Clampett's "Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid"

One could argue that Babbit and Catstello were the intended stars of "A Tale OF Two Kitties" and both Tweety and the pair starred in cartoons later by themselves.
(Babbit and Catstello became mice)

Marvin made his debut in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon as Commander X-9 but became a star in his own right (after the fact) and was in, for example, Duck Dodgers without Bugs.

These are all a stretch, of course.

Thad said...

Most Famous Studios characters started right off the bat too with their own series. Just about every one-shot character in a Noveltoon warranted a "Featuring" title card. See?

Anonymous said...

Popeye was already a hugely popular comic strip character when he made his animation debut, so technically he probably doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

But Popeye wasn't the original star of the comic anyway, so it counts that way.

Anonymous said...

Buzz, there was TWI dycjkss..Donald form Mickey and Daffy from Porky. And yes, Kevin...Porky begateth Bugs. Henry Hawk=Foghorn Leghorn. Pluto-Chip and Dale. Andy Panda gave us Woody Woodpecker.

Anonymous said...

Corection..That first statement sohuld have been, "There should have been two ducks: Donald from Mickey Mouse and Daffy from Porky Pig."