Thursday, June 07, 2007

IGN (I Got Nothin')

I keep trying to come up with some longer posts, but I haven't had the time (hopefully soon). I'll have to fill the space with something I compiled a while ago but didn't thing was worth posting: to illustrate my contention that Artists and Models is basically a study in leg fetishism, I strung together a bunch of clips and set them to the music of the title song. Just to illustrate what was really important to the film's writer-director:

By the way, after evaluating all the films in the new Martin and Lewis set, I and most others agree with Dave Kehr's excellent review: the two movies that look best in the set are the two that were remastered from the original VistaVision elements, Artists and Models and Pardners. While Hollywood or Bust looks and sounds a lot better than the VHS (which not only was panned-and-scanned but had a terrible sound mix), it's not in that league.

Someone suggested on another board that Paramount spent the money to restore Artists and Pardners before the company essentially pulled the plug on classic movie releases, which happened in late 2005. (This is why Paramount now releases almost no non-recent movies and only releases television shows with all the music scrubbed out.) This may also be an explanation of why Money From Home isn't in the set, apart from the rights issues: as one of the few movies shot both in 3-D and three-strip Technicolor, it would probably cost quite a bit of money to create a DVD master.

Fortunately Paramount has made a deal to let Criterion release movies from its catalogue, so at least we'll be getting decent special editions of films like Ace in the Hole and Days of Heaven.

P.S. - Remind me to avoid YouTube until they ditch that stupid new "feature" of putting other links within embedded clips. Really distracting as hell.

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