Saturday, February 17, 2007

What's Really Important

When I did all those posts on Yvonne DeCarlo and Follies, I should have checked to see if this was available online: DeCarlo on The David Frost Show, talking about how she got into the show (she originally auditioned for the part Alexis Smith got), and performing "I'm Still Here."

DeCarlo forgets the lyrics at one point (in her defence, the references to "Five Dionne babies" and "Beebe's Bathysphere" aren't easy to remember, and that's the weakest part of the song anyway), but she owns this song, and as I've said repeatedly: while she may sing behind the beat occasionally for effect, she mostly sings it straightforwardly, without talking her way through the song, shouting lines, jazzing it up, or any of the other things people think they have to do to make it work.

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