Friday, February 16, 2007

The Complete Pogo Coming From Fantagraphics


Or in my bad approximation of Pogo-speak: I gone buy this ol' book, son. You is advised to do the same. If they's unable to bring out more, that would be horribobble.

P.S. - Has anyone ever tried to explain the differences between Pogo dialect and Li'l Abner dialect? They're awfully similar, but there are instantly-identifiable differences, like the way Capp uses "ah" instead of "I" and "yo'" instead of "you." Kelly's dialect is a little less heavy on the phonetic spelling.


Anonymous said...

I love these Fantagraphics volumes. Which makes me really, really nervous that they'll go under, like Kitchen Sink did, leaving a trail of unfinished "complete" collections behind them.

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Saw this over at Mark Evanier's news from me and glad to see it confirmed here. Pogo is without a doubt my all-time favorite comic strip.

Sarah Weinman said...


Anonymous said...
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