Monday, August 21, 2006


In another instalment of my "cavalcade of YouTube clips of stuff I've already written about" series, here's Hattie McDaniel in the "Ice Cold Katie" number (about hasty marriages by soldiers about to head off to war) from Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943). I've written before that the tune by Arthur Schwartz is one of the catchiest tunes ever, and I still stand by that; the lyrics are by Frank Loesser.

Note that the guy who plays the Minister in this number is wearing his pants like Urkel. And his glasses are somewhat similar to Urkel's too. I can't interpret the significance of that.

Another great Schwartz-Loesser song -- with a superb Loesser lyric that I've previously posted on this blog -- is introduced by a WB contract player who (unlike Bette Davis, who gets the big hit song "They're Either Too Young Or Too Old") could actually sing: Ann Sheridan.

Also from Thank Your Lucky Stars, a non-musical clip, but a good one: Humphrey Bogart gets beaten at tough-guy talk by the un-toughest guy on the Warner Brothers lot, S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall.

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