Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Grudge Matches I'd Like to See: Hillbillies vs. Rednecks

An all-out feud between two groups of derogatory stereotypes: HILLBILLIES (who drink moonshine, drive rusty old cars, listen to bluegrass music and carry shotguns) vs. REDNECKS (who drink beer, drive pickup trucks, listen to country music and carry handguns). Which group will prove more ornery?

While I think rednecks tend to be portrayed as more dangerous -- there was a period where angry rednecks were the stock villain in every other TV episode -- hillbillies have the advantage because they lead tougher lives, living in the mountains and all and getting their own food and making their own liquor; the rednecks don't have that kind of resilience, and will get distracted. Plus the hillbillies can call in the nearly-invincible Granny Clampett as part of their team.

(An apology to any readers who take offence at the stereotyping. But this blog being what it is, I'm talking more about these groups as portrayed in movies and TV than any real-life person. Just consider yourself lucky that I didn't go with my other favourite bad-taste Grudge Match, "Anorexics vs. Obese People.")

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