Monday, June 05, 2006

The Old "Not Sold In Stores" Trick

Turns out that the "Get Smart" DVD sets will be produced not by HBO but by Time-Life, which means you'll have to order them from the website. Or, when the sets come out, they'll run commercials where a happy-voiced announcer tells you to call and get your Get Smart DVDs while supplies last.

The sets themselves should be very well-produced, uncut and with extras, but for some reason I feel weird about ordering stuff from Time-Life. I think I mentally conflate them with Ginsu Knives.


Linda said...

Jaime, I strolled over to Time-Life's site and I noticed that I have seen several of their titles in stores. NORTH AND SOUTH, for instance, is sold at Border's, and I purchased BLUE COLLAR TV there as well. LONE GUNMAN was at several stores, but I either got it at Media Play or one of the warehouse stores. So I'm crossing my fingers that GET SMART makes the leap to stores as well.

npetrikov said...

Jaime's still right about one thing, though. Broadly speaking, Time-Life's inventory is not fit company for the likes of Feldon, Platt and Adams.

Anonymous said...

GET SMART will be available in retail stores one year after the online and informercial sales. This is a shrewd move by TIME LIFE as a title like SLEDGE HAMMER peformed best from online merchants like Amazon and Deep Discount DVD. Apparently, Amazon will be the top seller for POLICE SQUAD as well. There's something about killer spoofs that perform well from online sales so go figure.