Tuesday, June 20, 2006

God Bleth Uth, Every One

Via Animated News, Steve Hulett at the Animation Guild Blog reports that there's a Looney Tunes direct-to-video movie in the works: Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas, with Daffy Duck stepping into the Scroogean shoes previously filled by Mr. Magoo, Scrooge McDuck, and even Yosemite Sam. Hulett says that the film is "quite nicely done," and the director, Charles Visser, has done some good work (he was a director on "Pinky and the Brain"), so hopefully it will be a better entry in the hand-drawn direct-to-video movie sweepstakes than the just-released, pitiful Superman: Brainiac Attacks."


Anonymous said...

God Bleth You Tooth!

Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

If this is done in the classic LT style, Daffy/Scrooge will not learn a lesson at the end of the cartoon. But given the nature of how WB has used the characters since the made-for-TV specials started in the mid-1970s (check out the difference between Bob McKimson's "Easter Yeggs" and Bob's "Bugs Bunny's Easter Special" for an example), my guess is they'll stick with the traditional Dickens ending, at the expense of any added comedy at the fade-out.