Monday, November 21, 2005

The New Boy In The Neighborhood

My heart leapt up when I saw that "Charles In Charge" will be on DVD. Then I realized that this is the first season, when "Charles in Charge" was not the horror of awfulness that it became when it went to first-run syndication. In its first season, it was on CBS, was produced by the underrated Michael Jacobs (one of those showrunners whose shows, like "Boy Meets World," tended to have far better writing and craftsmanship than their premises or time-slots would suggest), and really wsn't all that bad. Not really worth a DVD purchase, but not bad. Hopefully the first season will sell well enough to get us to the first-run syndication years, because those episodes were made for drunken late-night viewings and Rocky Horror-style group catcalls.

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