Saturday, November 12, 2005

Elsewhere, Back at the Meanwhile Ranch....

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear has a good piece on the show "The White Shadow."

And Man vs. Clown follows up my own post on the epic suckitude of "Richie Rich" comics by quoting a one-page gag that sums up all that was evil and wrong about that comic book.

Platypus Comix has Part 4 of the Jon McClenahan interview, dealing with the production of "Animaniacs" and that show's great "lost" character, Minerva Mink. Minerva was a sexy mink, voiced by Julie Brown in her "'Cause I'm a Blonde" mode; every male character reacted to Minerva with Tex Avery-style wild takes, and the idea of the character was that she would defeat her adversaries -- like Newt, a "professionally trained hunting dog" after her fur -- by exploiting her sex appeal. Unfortunately, it was felt, by executives at WB animation and at Fox, that a series of cartoons consisting almost entirely of sex jokes of one kind or another was not the sort of thing they wanted for what was ostensibly a kids' show, so after starring in only two cartoons, Minerva was relegated to cameo appearances for the rest of the series. Someone should bring her back.

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