Friday, October 28, 2005

More Warner Annoyances

The Sitcoms Online Blog reports that Warner Brothers appears to have more or less given up on season-by-season sets for most older shows:

They will be releasing a "TV Favorites" (basically a one disc set with six episodes) set of the sitcom [Alice] in 2006. They also promise "TV Favorites" sets of Family Matters, The Drew Carey Show, Step by Step, and Night Court.

I suppose "best-of" highlights discs make a certain amount of sense for some shows -- which is to say the shows I don't care for, like most of the shows on the above list -- but for anyone who likes these shows (or some of the other shows that have only gotten best-of discs from WB, like "F-Troop") it must be unfortunate to be given only six episodes out of hundreds.

The only personal disappointment from the list above is "Night Court," which got a first season release earlier this year, and apparently did not sell well enough to warrant complete sets of the later and better seasons. Too bad, because it's one of the more underrated shows of its time, and (for me anyway) holds up a lot better than the show that inspired it, "Barney Miller" (which also got a first season release and nothing more).

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