Sunday, October 02, 2005

Best Comment Ever

My infamous "Why I Hate Family Guy" post still gets some comments, even a year after I posted it. One comment, posted today, may be my favorite yet. Some excerpts:

With all honesty i understand your points and i also must put out there that, you're opinion means nothing to the viewers or the people who hate it with you...

If Family Guy is poorly done, then why was it returned to air? Obviously that's not the case. So i will give you advice: 1. Grow up 2. Shut up, no one gives a rats ass what you have to say 3. Stop watching it if it bugs you so much. 4. Read a book instead of watching T.V. ; why spend all your time in front of a box? 5. Go outside and run or something 6. Stop being mad because it seems to me you are jewish and they pick on jews alot so get over that everyone will hate you until the end of time simple as that!

I just got PWNED. Well, not PWNED, more like EENTED. Or maybe VORROWED.

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