Monday, June 20, 2005

A Song For Our Time

For some reason, even though I am not entirely up to speed on the Most Important Story of Our Time, this song from the musical Plain and Fancy keeps going through my head:

Comes a time in his life
When a man should take a wife.
If I have to take a wife,
So why not Katie?
Milk and cows Katie knows,
Katie mends and Katie sews,
And a farm with Katie goes,
So why not Katie?
It could be if I wait,
Comes along a perfect mate,
But for this a man could wait
Until he's eighty.
So in meeting when I stand
With my hand in Katie's hand,
And a wedding dinner making in the pot,
When they ask "Do you take Katie?"
I will answer like a shot:
Do I take Katie?
Why not?

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