Friday, June 03, 2005

If David Addison Fought John McClane...

Anyway, re the Moonlighting DVDs, reports from people who have seen the original ABC broadcasts suggest that the episodes are not cut. Apparently some of the episodes have short running times because they originally ran short on ABC. Which, given the fact that the second season of Moonlighting began with the characters admitting that this week's show ran short and that they have to do something to fill it out, seems plausible. Besides, given that the production of the show was so messed up that they were never able to produce a full season (the second season was the longest, at 18 episodes), it's not so hard to believe that they produced a few episodes with 40-minute running times. So complaints about Lion's Gate are withdrawn, with the caveat that if they would stop using syndication prints for other shows, we might not be so quick to believe that they'd do it for this one.

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