Sunday, May 01, 2005

In Honor of the Return of Family Guy...

...Might as well drag out my best-known, or at least most-commented-upon post:

"Why I Hate Family Guy"

Since Family Guy is essentially ratings-proof (it's on Fox, which only cares about ratings among young viewers; it's relatively cheap, so it can make back its cost with DVD sales and cable runs), I would expect new episodes to clog up the airwaves with high-larious '80s pop-culture references and dull Sound of Music tributes for some years to come.

Incidentally, the hoopla over the return of Family Guy obscures the fact that Fox has all but dumped a much better animated show, King of the Hill; the next season will primarily be made up of episodes that were produced for, but weren't aired, this past season. Oh, well. It's not necessarily an "evil network executives" thing; no doubt Family Guy's bland, cookie-cutter jokes are the kind of things network executives tend to like, but more importantly, it's still relatively new and therefore probably much cheaper to produce than a long-running show like King of the Hill or a special-effects-laden show like Futurama.

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