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Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Updated List of Extras

Based on lists of extras that have appeared in various places (notably at Cartoon Brew and TV Shows on DVD, here's a list of the cartoons and extras that will be on the next Looney Tunes Golden Collection. I'll update this as time goes on.

Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2

Release Date: November 2, 2004

Disc 1: Bugs Bunny
"The Hare-Brained Hypnotist" (Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd - 1942)

"Little Red Riding Rabbit" (Bugs Bunny - 1944)

"Stage Door Cartoon" (Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd - 1944)

"Hare Conditioned" (Bugs Bunny - 1945)

"Rhapsody Rabbit" (Bugs Bunny - 1946)
Commentary by Daniel Goldmark (editor of The Cartoon Music Book)

"The Big Snooze" (Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd - 1946)
Commentary by animator Bill Melendez

"Slick Hare" (Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd - 1947)
Commentary by Mike Barrier, author of Hollywood Cartoons (with Paul Julian)

"Bugs Bunny Rides Again" (Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam - 1948)
Commentary by Greg Ford, director of the cartoons "The Duxorcist" and "Blooper Bunny"

"Gorilla My Dreams" (Bugs Bunny/Gruesome Gorilla - 1948)
Commentary by Jerry Beck, author of Looney Tunes: The Ultimate Visual Guide

"Bunny Hugged" (Bugs Bunny - 1951)
Music and effects track

"French Rarebit" (Bugs Bunny/Louis and Francois - 1951)

"Baby Buggy Bunny" (Bugs Bunny/Baby-Faced Finster - 1954)
Music and effects track

"Hyde And Hare" (Bugs Bunny - 1955)
Music-only track

"Broom-Stick Bunny" (Bugs Bunny/Witch Hazel - 1956)
Commentary by June Foray (who voiced Witch Hazel in this cartoon)
Music and effects track

"What's Opera, Doc?" (Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd - 1957)
Commentary by Daniel Goldmark
Commentary by Chuck Jones, Mike Maltese and Maurice Noble
Music-only track
Vocals-only track

Disc 2: Road Runner/Porky & Daffy

"Beep Beep" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1952)
Commentary by Mike Barrier

"Going! Going! Gosh!" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1952)

"Zipping Along" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1953)

"Stop! Look! and Hasten!" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1954)
Commentary by Greg Ford

"Ready.. Set.. Zoom!" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1955)

"Guided Muscle" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1955)
Music-only Track

"Gee Whiz-z-z-z!" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1956)
Music-only Track

"There They Go-Go-Go!" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1956)
Music-only Track

"Scrambled Aches" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1957)
Music-only Track

"Zoom And Bored" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1957)
Music-only Track

"Whoa, Be-Gone!" (Road Runner/Coyote - 1958)
Commentary by Greg Ford

"Porky In Wackyland" (Porky Pig - 1938)
Commentary by Mike Barrier (with Bob Clampett)

"Old Glory" (Porky Pig - 1939)
Commentary by Jerry Beck and Martha Sigall (ink-and-paint artist)

"Book Revue" (Daffy Duck - 1946)
Commentary by Mike Barrier (with Bob Clampett)
Restored original titles

"Show Biz Bugs" (Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck - 1957)
Commentary by Greg Ford (with Friz Freleng)

Disc 3: Sylvester & Tweety/Porky & Daffy

"Kitty Kornered" (Porky/Sylvester - 1946)
Commentary by Mike Barrier (with Bob Clampett)

"Tweety Pie" (Sylvester/Tweety - 1947)
Commentary by Greg Ford (with Friz Freleng)

"Back Alley Op-Roar" (Elmer Fudd/Sylvester - 1948)
Commentary by Greg Ford (with Friz Freleng)
Restored Original Titles

"Bad Ol' Putty Tat" (Sylvester/Tweety - 1949)

"All a Bir-r-r-rd" (Sylvester/Tweety - 1950)

"Room And Bird" (Sylvester/Tweety - 1951)

"Tweet Tweet Tweety" (Sylvester/Tweety - 1951)

"A Bird In A Guilty Cage" (Sylvester/Tweety - 1952)

"Ain't She Tweet" (Sylvester/Tweety - 1952)
Commentary by Greg Ford

"Gift Wrapped" (Sylvester/Tweety - 1952)

"Snow Business" (Sylvester/Tweety - 1953)

"You Ought to Be in Pictures" (Daffy/Porky - 1940)
Commentary by Jerry Beck

"Duck Soup To Nuts" (Daffy/Porky - 1944)

"Baby Bottleneck" (Daffy/Porky - 1946)
Commentary by Mike Barrier (with Bob Clampett)
Restored original titles

"The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" (Daffy Duck as "Duck Twacy" - 1946)
Commentary by John Kricfalusi (Ren and Stimpy guy; Clampett fan; Canadian)

Disc 4: All-Stars
"I Love To Singa" ("Owl" Jolson - 1936)
Restored original titles

"Have You Got Any Castles?" (1938)

"Katnip Kollege" (Johnny Cat - 1938)

"Hollywood Steps Out" (1941)
Commentary by Greg Ford

"The Heckling Hare" (Bugs Bunny/Willoughby - 1941)
Commentary by Greg Ford

"Tortoise Beats Hare" (Bugs Bunny/Cecil Turtle - 1941)
Commentary by Mike Barrier (with Dave Monahan)

"The Dover Boys at Pimento University or 'The Rivals of Roquefort
Hall'" (1942)
Commentary by Mike Barrier (with layout artist John McGrew, who created the innovative designs for this cartoon)

"The Hep Cat" (1942)

"Corny Concerto" (1943)
Commentary by Mike Barrier (with Bob Clampett)

"Rabbit Transit" (Bugs Bunny/Cecil Turtle - 1947)

"Mouse Wreckers" (Hubie and Bertie/Claude Cat - 1948)
Commentary by Mike Barrier (with Chuck Jones)

"Bear For Punishment" (Henry, Ma, & Junyer Bear - 1951)
Commentary by Mike Barrier (with Chuck Jones)
Music and effects track

"Cheese Chasers" (Hubie and Bertie - 1951)

"One Froggy Evening" (Michigan J. Frog - 1955)
Commentary by Mike Barrier (with Chuck Jones and Mike Maltese)
Music-Only Track

"Three Little Bops" (1957)
Commentary by Jerry Beck and Stan Freberg
Music-Only Track
Vocals-Only Track

- A Conversation With Tex Avery
- The Man From Wackyland: The Art of Bob Clampett
- Crash! Bang! Boom! The Wild Sounds of Treg Brown
- Looney Tunes Go Hollywood
- Wagnerian Wabbit: The Making of "What's Opera, Doc?"
- It Hopped One Night: A Look at "One Froggy Evening"
- Chuck Amuck (1991)
- "Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes 50th Anniversary Special" (1986)

- "Orange Blossoms For Violet"
- "So Much For So Little"
- "The Aventures of the Road Runner": complete pilot (1962)
- "Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show" opening titles
- "Bugs Bunny Show" wraparounds
- "Daffy Duck For President" (2004)

There'll probably be some other "from the vaults" stuff that hasn't
been announced yet.

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