Monday, September 26, 2005

We Miss Him... By That Much

A good LA times obituary for the great Don Adams. And Defamer recalls an eternally funny and eternally relevant exchange between Agents 86 and 99.

Long before I ever saw an episode of "Get Smart," I was familiar with Adams from "Inspector Gadget" and the low-budget Canadian sitcom "Check It Out" (featuring a character named "Viker Viker" and guest appearances by all-purpose Toronto actor Tom Harvey). It is a tribute to his brilliance that I not only enjoyed that awful show as a kid, but can still remember unfunny lines from the show that stuck in my mind because of his great voice. (I still remember the way he said: "Of course you realize, this means no Christmas bonus!" No kind of a line, but the way he said it was funny.) I'm not rooting for a return of "Check it Out" to the airwaves, but I always rooted for Don Adams.

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