Thursday, September 29, 2005

Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe

Via Davis DVD, Warner Brothers' next batch of DVD releases looks to be interesting:

Just announced from Warner Bros are a number of new-to-DVD catalog titles. Arriving January 10th, 2006...

- Cabin the Sky (with commentary by Dr. Todd Boyd, Dr. Drew Casper, Evangela Anderson, Eva Anderson and Fayard Nicholas with Lena Horne, the 1946 MGM short "Studio Visit," "Ain't It the Truth" audio outtake, trailer)

- The Green Pastures (commentary by LeVar Burton, Herb Boyd and Ed Guerrero, 1933 WB short "Rufus Jones for President," 1935 Vitaphone short "An All-Colored Vaudville Show," trailer)

- Hallelujah (commentary by Donald Bogle and Avery Clayton Pie, 1932 WB short "Pie Blackbird," 1936 Vitaphone short "The Black Network," trailer).

Retail is $19.97 each.

Cabin in the Sky, one of Vincente Minnelli's first and best, is the one I'm most looking forward to, in spite of the presence of Drew Casper on the commentary track. But I'm glad to see all three movies coming out, complete with commentaries to put them into historical context.

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