Sunday, October 03, 2010

Spot the Donald Duck Cartoons

I know many others have linked to it already, but this mashup video, "Right Wing Radio Duck" -- where Donald's unemployment and economic insecurity make him receptive to the Glenn Beck show -- is today's viral video, and rightly. The creators deserve some kind of prize for finding a way to tell a complete, coherent story with almost nothing but actual Donald Duck cartoon clips and actual radio voice-overs.

It's been a while since I watched a lot of Donald cartoons, so I'm not sure, for the most part, which clips the clips come from (except for the obvious ones like "Der Fuehrer's Face," a few clips from "Window Cleaners," and the José Carioca bits). Maybe someone will put together a list of sources.

Update: As pointed out in comments, I originally confused José, who is not used in this cartoon, with Panchito Pistoles, who is. Maybe José can be saved for the sequel about Donald confronting the Brazilian menace and the secret Stalinist plot behind FDR's nefarious Good Neighbor Policy.


Thad said...

This is all I can name off the top of my head...

Window Cleaners
Symphony Hour
Donald's Dilemma
The Autograph Hound
Donald's Dream Voice
Cured Duck
Donald Duck and the Gorilla
The Volunteer Worker
Donald's Crime
Moving Day
Donald's Nephews
Donald's Cousin Gus
The New Spirit
Donald's Happy Birthday
Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip
Lion Around
Der Fuehrer's Face
Duck Pimples
The Eyes Have It
The Three Cabelleros
Thru the Mirror
Spare the Rod
Mickey's Christmas Carol
Straight Shooters
Donald's Penguin

John V. said...

That ain't Jose Carioca, that's Panchito!whand

Anonymous said...

That rainstorm footage looks like it's from "The Plastics Inventor", one of the most obscure Donald cartoons, loaded with great effects animation.