Friday, December 04, 2009

A "I Got Nothin' To Post" Post

I don't really know why I haven't been able to post much lately. Part of it is time, but when I do have time, I seem to have trouble thinking of stuff to say.

I suspect that part of the problem is that a lot of my posts were linked to my DVD collecting habit -- announcements of imminent releases, or stuff that I had bought or watched, would give me ideas for posts -- and the collapse of the classics-on-DVD market has made it harder to come up with such things.

There's always TCM, of course, but for whatever reason, I don't usually feel inclined to write about upcoming broadcasts of old movies or even old TV shows. Maybe it's because it's so easy to miss these things (for me, and for others) whereas with a disc or a book, I know that a reader can check them out if and when they want to.

I do have a few ideas for upcoming posts, so I'm certainly not taking a sabbatical or anything; I just find it a little tough to come up with posts lately, and thought I might as well be up-front about it.

Anyway, since there's never a shortage of YouTube filler clips (not at all the same thing as a full-fledged post, obviously), here's the French commercial for Chanel's Egoiste perfume. All that screaming and artsy filming style became a memorable part of anybody's viewing experience in the early '90s, an object lesson in how a commercial could stand out simply by being more insane than all the others.

And here's the music that was used in the commercial. Because of the commercial, this music has always seemed rather scary to me, even though, in the context of the original ballet, it's probably not.


Paul W said...

Relax. It's December, end of the year blahs are bound to set in.

mike doran said...

Many years ago (I forget just how many), NBC had a short-run sitcom called Highcliffe Manor. The premise was that the title house was headquarters for a "scientific foundation" that was into all manner of bizarre stuff,i.e. robots, cloning, muataions, etc. I seem to recall that Shelley Fabares had the lead as the heiress who owned the joint and was totally oblivious to the weird goings-on. NBC yanked it after about three or four airings out a scheduled six. I bring it up here because its theme music was - not this piece itself but a pretty close knockoff, obviously to get the copyright if the show had clicked. As one of the perhaps eleven people who saw this show in its original (and only) network airing, I have nver ben able to forget this - and any time I hear the Prokofiev original, my memory of this demolition derby of a sitcom is triggered. Thanx a heep.:)