Sunday, May 24, 2009

German Lobby Cards Are Better

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I don't actually have much to say at the moment, but after looking at the German movie database, I have concluded that the lobby cards and promo shots for American movies were often a lot more entertaining in Germany than in America. It just seems like the American lobby cards tended to feature scenes that weren't particularly intriguing, while the German cards were more willing to take an attention-grabbing kind of approach. So here's an American lobby card from Artists and Models, whose promo campaign seemed to over-literally focus on the scene at the artists and models ball (as well as making it seem like Anita Ekberg had more to do in the film than she did):

Not bad, but here are two German lobby cards from Maler Und M├Ądchen :

You know -- lobby cards that tell you nothing about what the movie's about, but promise more than the movie will probably deliver. The German lobby cards even managed to make such promises for an almost completely sexless movie like The Searchers or, rather, Der Schwarze Falke ("The Black Falcon").

In a way, it's just a lobby-card version of that old joke poster "SEX! And now that we've got your attention..." But what else are lobby cards for?


Thad said...

I'd buy those half naked Artists & Models lobby cards if I knew where I could get them.

Lucyann said...

"der schwarze Falke"
i can read something in german:)