Friday, February 27, 2009

WKRP Episode: "Fire"

By request, another episode from the fourth season, combining two old-reliable sitcom staples: the "disaster" episode and the "stuck in an elevator" episode. In this case, Herb and Jennifer are stuck in an elevator while the building is on fire. WKRP had already done the disaster story in the first season with "Tornado," but this one is more low key and subdued; there's no live audience, and most of the episode takes place in real time.

Venus plays a song by Luther Vandross (I forget the name) and Johnny sings "Over the Rainbow."

Cold Opening and Act One

Act Two


Snowed In said...

The Luther Vandross song is "Never Too Much".

As always, thanks for these.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this as well. I think the key thing about this episode was the different approach taken to the Herb and Jennifer dynamic.

Thad said...

Les needs to die.

Tyronester said...

oh, be quiet Thad.... Then again, if he was shining that flashlight in my face...LoLz 8^)