Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'd heard, as had other people, that there were interviews done for the Tiny Toons DVDs that weren't used on the first set -- yet the back of the box doesn't list any special features. Either they're saving them for a future volume (if any), or Warners' legal department got a hold of them, or maybe the company just thinks that in tough economic times the smart thing to do is to spend money on video interviews and then not use them.

Oh, well, at least the second volume of Freakazoid! will have interviews (people interviewed for this volume included Rugg, McCann, Ruegger, announcer Joe Leahy and producer/director Rich Arons; hopefully they'll all turn up in the final edit). Never thought that F! would wind up getting the best DVD treatment, special-feature-wise, of any of the Spielberg cartoons, but I guess it's the cult flops that often get the most care taken with them in DVD releases. (I consider myself a part of that cult, of course.)


Thad said...

When I first glanced at the title of this post (with the garish Tiny Toons characters below) I thought it read "OCD" !!!

Mattieshoe said...


I wasn't expecting much from the box art, but it should at least make some sort of logical sense.

So is buster supposed to be leaning his head on Babs or what?

I've seen three-year-olds armed with Sticker books stage things better.

Anonymous said...

It's as though this art was farmed out to a school for the visually impaired.

Jenny Lerew said...

FWIW, those poses are all "clip art" of a sort that was created for the show's bible/merchandising book, and used & reused a gazillion times; here on that page they've been slapped on willy-nilly, hence the odd look of Buster, who's at an odd angle. The Buster btw is I think Alfred Gimeno's and the Babs is Ken Boyer's. IIRC.