Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Note From Frank Doyle's Daughter

One of the posts I'm proudest of is my 2005 post about Archie comics writer Frank Doyle, so I was even prouder to get this email from Doyle's daughter (quoted with permission):

I was showing my 88-year-old mom today how to use google, and when we googled "frank doyle archie" your blog post from 2005 was the first on the page. I'm his daughter, Claire, and just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the post. You totally "got" my Dad's humor. You definitely pegged his style; I am sure from the first line that the bluebird of happiness story must have been his. He had a wonderful sense of humor and absurdity in real life, too, and that came through in his work. It's nice to know that he was appreciated.


wcdixon said...


Kevin W. Martinez said...

Wow. Melody is hot.

Anonymous said...

Valerie is hotter... I'd kill to snuggle up in those gentle arms while she snarkily pondered what was wrong with her world. Unfortunately, she'd probably conclude it was me.
It's painful to see Archie today evidently trying to draw its girl characters with little to no sex appeal. What's their goal? To anticipate a nonexistent soccer mom protest at the cost of any remaining sales?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work. I love all the blog mashups.