Monday, September 08, 2008

Rita Moreno Monroe

To follow up on My post about The Lieutenant Wore Skirts, here's an excerpt from that very strange but memorable scene I mentioned, a parody of The Seven Year Itch with Rita Moreno as the most improbable Marilyn Monroe impersonator of the decade.

Well, it's actually half of an excerpt from that scene, since this is an early CinemaScope movie and the print is pan-n'-scan, but until a letterboxed version turns up, it's better than nothing.


Thad said...

Newman's "The Girl Upstairs" (from Itch) playing on the soundtrack is a great touch too.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry, this video is no longer available."

Jenny Lerew said...

Is the score even quoted?? Wow, great stuff Tash!

For my money Rita is a damn good Monroe impersonator. I mean, she really nailed that voice and delivery, which few to this day do quite that well. And while yes, she's a) petite, b) latina, and c) not blonde she certainly is sexy enough.