Thursday, August 21, 2008

WKRP Episode: "Changes"

Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen have a new book out, "Tim and Tom", about their years as America's first and only black-white comedy team. So here's the WKRP episode that was sort of a reunion for them, since Dreesen is one of the guest stars. He doesn't have much of a part, and he and Reid only get one moment where they get to really do anything funny together (the bit where they fire questions at each other and then sit down in unison), but it's good to see them together again, if only briefly.

This episode, which I've always liked, is basically just another variation on the old TV theme of "just be yourself," but done in a slightly off-kilter way that's typical of the writer, Peter Torokvei. His sense of humor is always a little bent, and that manifests itself in a lot of the jokes in this episode, whether it's Les speculating on why Russian women look like men, Herb's new suit turning him into a Reagan Republican, or the offhand revelation that there's an alternate-universe, race-reversed version of WKRP somewhere out there.

Music: "Magnolia" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers; "Real Situation" by Bob Marley; a song by Peabo Bryson; and one more song (?) playing in the record library (the only time we ever see this room in the whole series).

Cold Opening and Act 1:

Act 2:


Stacia said...

"Looking for old Guy Lombardo records and smoking dope." Classic! I also love the Root Suit from Monsanto.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the great WKRP videos! I really appreciate it. It's good to see the show as it should always be seen -- with its music intact! That music is such an important character.

(Sad that FOX, to apparently save a few bucks, has seen fit to kill the atmosphere of the show.)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the music playing during the record library scene...I can't place the song, but it sounds a lot like Dr. John.

If any station had the playlist WKRP did, they would truly be head and shoulders above the rest.

Anonymous said...

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