Friday, June 13, 2008

Grudge Match: Kevin Arnold vs. Cory Matthews

Talk about Complete Savages! Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage, The Wonder Years) battles Cory Matthews (Ben Savage, Boy Meets World). Who will teach the other a valuable life lesson about the value of getting your ass kicked?

They are of roughly the same height and weight, so this comes down to the narrator factor. Kevin is required to pause for long stretches so that his future self can talk about what's going through his head and what he's learned. This will give Cory an opportunity to kick him in the teeth, and then go to Mr. Feeny to learn something. It always helps to get your lessons after the fight, rather than during, so I give a slight edge to Cory.


Tom said...

Ignoring the narrator factor, it's Kevin all the way. The poor kid has been fighting all his life thanks to having that bully Wayne for his brother. He definitely would have the moves and stamina over that untested Cory (Did he and his brother ever have a fight? I don't think so because his older brother never wanted to mess up his hair).

Two side notes:

1. I would propose a William Daniels match-up of Mr. Feeny v.s. Dr. Mark Craig, but it would be Craig all the way, ending with a nasty taunt to Mr.F for being on the lesser show.

2. As someone who always hated the parents on Boy Meets World, it was such a guilty pleasure for me when actor William Russ had his ass handed to him by Seth Bullock on the first season of Deadwood. Sad, but true.

Michael Jones said...

Might I suggest a match-up between Ray Walston's Uncle Martin vs. Harvey Korman's Great Gazoo in a War of the World's fight fest? (My money is on Uncle Martin.)