Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"I gaze upon the glory of THE PRICE IS RIGHT and I see the face of America, and it is divine. Plus, you know, hot chicks on sports cars." -- Barney

I'm glad there's going to be a DVD set for The Price Is Right, but how do you pick "the 20 best episodes?" What makes a good episode of TPIR? Is it one where somebody manages to win an unusual number of fabulous prizes, like winning both showcases? Or is it a show where something silly happens, like that one where the yodeling "Cliffhanger" guy gets stuck?


Rob G. said...

$10 says the one where the chick's tube top fell down is on there. Heh. Stuff of legends.

Brent McKee said...

I'm tempted to say that no episode with Janice or Holly will make the set but I will refrain from being so catty.

I suspect that you'll see the earliest episode they can find, any episode where someone famous (or who would become famous) appeared, episodes where something unusual happened (tube top lady, Samoan hugs come to mind), and episodes where a contestant played something close to a perfect game.

Thad said...

How about the episode with the topless girl?

Rays profile said...

And the ones where the Samoans chase Bob, of course.

But don't look for any of the early eps where they used fur coats as prizes. Bob doesn't let those be shown.

All Hail Bob!