Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little Octagon

Brian Hughes at "Again With Comics" has posted "Playful Obsession," Dan Clowes' vicious parody of Harvey Comics. (this link comes via a comment by Anthony Strand.)

It's all there, with the characters changed enough so he doesn't get sued. The main target, of course, is the way all the Harvey Comics kids have unhealthy obsessions, and the way these comics portrayed money-fixation, dot-mania and compulsive overeating as positive things. (If you read "Little Lotta" you'd swear that overeating gives you superhuman strength.)

And I particularly appreciate the fact that Clowes makes a reference the way Richie flaunted his wealth in front of his pauper friends Freckles and Peewee, and did nothing to help them out of their crippling poverty.

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