Tuesday, April 24, 2007

With My Chin on My Knee

One more excerpt from New Faces Of 1952. This was sung by Robert Clary, who along with Ronny Graham probably did the most material in the show; Graham isn't in this scene, but he wrote the music and lyrics for the song, "I'm In Love With Miss Logan." Clary, whom you know as LeBeau on Hogan's Heroes, plays a boy with a crush on his teacher. His French accent (which is explained by calling the character "Andre") just makes the scene more charming and sweet.

By the way, the film version is available on a bunch of public-domain DVDs; they're not great quality -- they look like these YouTube clips, basically -- but they give an idea of what the show was like (though the breakout star, Eartha Kitt, has some numbers that she didn't perform in the original show).

And this long essay gives an overview of Leonard Sillman's New Faces revues. Young performers who appeared in these revues over the years, in addition to the bumper crop of the 1952 edition, included Henry Fonda, Imogene Coca, Alice Pearce, Inga Swenson, Virginia Martin, John Reardon, and Maggie Smith.

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Why is it in the public domain?