Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cried the Scout From Universal: "What a Juicy Little Mersel!"

The Digital Bits' Rumor Mill has some news on upcoming DVD releases from Universal, including several movies that you shouldn't buy on DVD now because a special edition is coming soon:

- Serenity special edition (July)
- Flash Gordon (the Sam J. Jones version) special edition (August)
- Psycho special edition (September)
- The Birds special edition (September)

Also a bunch of current shows with their first (and hopefully not last) seasons coming to DVD in August-September, like 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights.

And, just to show you that no show is ever permanently off the DVD schedule, the second season of Stephen J. Cannell's Baa Baa Black Sheep (aka Black Sheep Squadron) comes out in July.

The subject line is from a Cole Porter song, "Pretty Little Mrs. Bell," that was cut from a bad Broadway show and that nobody has ever heard of.

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John Pannozzi said...

They are also releasing a Woody Woodpecker collection in July. Yippee!