Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Odd But Endearing

Here's a weird YouTube find: somebody put up a clip from an episode of Dinah Shore's talk show ("Dinah!") where Shore and guest Jane Russell sing "The Ladies Who Lunch" from Stephen Sondheim's Company. Russell actually played this part in the show after Elaine Stritch left, and she's just right for the song; the weird part is that Shore, who is totally wrong for this song, also participates in it, and seems to have no idea that it's supposed to be ironic.

There are other clips from "Dinah!" on YouTube, and interviews from her show occasionally turn up as DVD extras; her interview with Paddy Chayefsky is on the Network DVD. I have to say that it seems like it must have been an enjoyable show -- totally without any attempt to be hip or ironic or make fun of her guests, it's a show for people who just unabashedly love showbiz and celebrities, and don't we all?

One other thing: growing up after Shore's talk show was off the air, I first heard of her as a singer, and only many years later discovered that she'd had a talk show. But a commenter at YouTube, apparently older than I am and therefore with some experience of her talk show, writes: "I never knew Dinah Shore's voice was so pretty."

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