Saturday, September 02, 2006

Da Clips, Boss! Da Clips!

I've nothing much to post today, no anecdote or tip.
And why am I here blogging and not going on a trip?
Well, then, in lieu of posting, here's another random clip.

The famous line "I Am Elmer J. Fudd, Millionaire" line -- complete with behaviour-altering drugs -- from the Friz Freleng cartoon "Hare Brush":

The "what does a yellow light mean" scene from the Taxi episode "Reverend Jim, a Space Odyssey" (written by Glen and Les Charles):

And the key part of the WKRP in Cincinnati pilot, the introduction of Dr. Johnny Fever, "Booger," the Hallelujah Tabernacle Choir's "You're Having My Baby" and Ted Nugent's "Queen of the Forest."

And for your inevitable film noir fix, the mirror scene from Orson Welles's The Lady From Shanghai:

There's nothing meritorious
That I have left to say
But "have a non-laborious
And lazy Labor Day."

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