Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fun Super-Links

This is shaping up to be Super-week in terms of postings here, so here's one more. I previously wrote about the "Superman" musical, but I just found a link to a file of the most famous song from the show, "You've Got Possibilities."

It's a great number for an energetic belter (and Linda Lavin, though her voice isn't the most pleasant-sounding in the world, never lacked for energy), with one of those Charles Strouse tunes that sounds simple and catchy but actually plays some interesting games with structure and rhythm. And it shows off the great orchestrations of Eddie Sauter. But it also points up the big weakness of the show, namely that the big moments didn't go to Superman or Lois Lane but to new characters who were only tangentially related to the story; Lavin's character got the big showstopping number (which she sang to Clark Kent), but really had no other clear purpose for being in the show.

And I would also direct you to the Superdickery page, which specializes in collecting comic-book covers that make Superman look like a jerk or are otherwise just completely nuts -- covers like these covers, of which my favourite is probably this one.

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Anonymous said...

How did you not mention the TV version with Lesley Ann Warren?!