Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Well, finally, an '80s series will have every episode available on DVD: Fox has announced the last volume of "Remington Steele", which has the 22-episode fourth season and the disastrous fifth season. That season, most famous because it prevented Pierce Brosnan from becoming James Bond for another ten years (NBC wouldn't let him out of his contract) and prevented Stephanie Zimbalist from being the female lead in Robocop (same reason), consisted of three mediocre two-hour episodes, and on one of the season 2 commentaries, creator/showrunner Michael Gleason says he "didn't even come down to the set" during that season.

The special features are being produced by the same people who did the "Moonlighting" special features, and, like that show, the new set will have a special feature on the loyal fan base of "Steele." It's good to see the show getting the kind of recognition it's getting from these DVD releases, because it holds up very well and the character of Laura Holt still puts most TV heroines to shame when it comes to creating a female lead who is independent, strong and smart without a hint of Mary-Sue-ishness. I had much more about the show in this post from last year.

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