Monday, September 26, 2005

More Good '60s TV News

TV Shows On DVD reports that the third season of "Green Acres" will be out on DVD this December. I was worried that Sony's takeover of MGM (which owns the show) meant that there wouldn't be any more seasons; happily I was wrong, and we will get to see Arnold Ziffel go to Hollywood among many other merrily insane episodes.

If "The Beverly Hillbillies" brought radio comedy to television, then "Green Acres" was the TV equivalent of the weirdest, wildest kind of radio comedy mixed with cartoon humor. The creator and showrunner, Jay Sommers, was a radio veteran who actually based the show on an unsuccessful radio sitcom he'd created years earlier; Ivan Shreve has more on Sommers and his writing partner, Dick Chevillat, who wrote nearly every single episode of the show's six seasons. And here are my further thoughts on the show.

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