Monday, August 15, 2005

Harold Lloyd is Still Hanging Around

Good news for all fans of the man who made nerdiness cool: New Line Cinema has announced a huge Harold Lloyd DVD Collection for November 15:

Digitally remastered, restored and rescored, the three-volume, seven-disc DVD collection includes 15 feature films, 10 shorts and a bonus disc containing a treasure chest of extras including Harold Lloyd’s home movies, star tributes, photo galleries, all-new interviews and featurettes, and a 3-D bonus photo disc with a pair of 3-D photo glasses. The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection is available at a $89.95 SRP. Each volume can also be purchased separately at a $29.95 SRP.

The films are:

Volume 1, Disc 1
Feature films and shorts - Girl Shy (1924), Safety Last! (1923), An Eastern Westerner (1920), Ask Father (1919), From Hand to Mouth (1919)

Volume 1, Disc 2
Feature films and shorts - The Milky Way (1936), The Cat’s Paw (1934), Why Worry? (1923)

Volume 2, Disc 1
Feature films and shorts - Kid Brother (1927), The Freshman (1925), Bumping Into Broadway (1919), Billy Blazes, Esq. (1919)

Volume 2, Disc 2
Feature films and shorts - Feet First (1930), Grandma’s Boy (1922), Dr. Jack (1922), Now or Never (1921), High and Dizzy (1920)

Volume 3, Disc 1
Feature films and shorts - Speedy (1928), Hot Water (1924), Never Weaken (1921), Haunted Spooks (1920),

Volume 3, Disc 2
Feature films and shorts - Movie Crazy (1932), For Heaven’s Sake (1926), I Do (1921), Among Those Present (1921), A Sailor-Made Man (1921), Get Out and Get Under (1920), Number Please? (1920)

Special features are:

Commentary by Leonard Maltin and Rich Correll on Safety Last!
Featurette “Harold’s Hollywood: Then and Now”
Commentary by Leonard Maltin, Rich Correll and film historian Richard Bann on The Freshman
Commentary by Harold Lloyd’s granddaughter, Suzanne Lloyd, author Annette Lloyd, and Rich Correll on Kid Brother
“Scoring for Comedy” Featurette
Commentary by Suzanne Lloyd, Annette Lloyd and Rich Correll on Speedy and Haunted Spooks
“Greenacres” Featurette

Bonus Disc (Collector’s Set Only)
* Rare home movies
* Introductions from film critic and historian Leonard Maltin
* Photo galleries, lobby cards and production stills
* Comparisons between domestic and international prints
* “Then-and-now” location comparisons
* Tributes and interviews with family, friends and legendary celebrities including Debbie Reynolds, Robert Wagner, Tab Hunter and director John Landis
* Rogues’ gallery of autographed photos of celebrities, presidents and sports heroes
* Scrapbook collection - Reviews, programs, etc.
* 3-D photos (3-D glasses included)
* Over 30 featurettes
* And more!

I hope that the music features something better than the usual anachronistic doodlings and noodlings (a hint for all would-be scorers of silent films: listen to the scores of films from the late '20s that were shot silent but had synchronized musical scores, like Buster Keaton's Spite Marriage, and write something like that), but one way or the other this will have to be one of the most impressive DVD sets of the year.

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