Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Greatest (Or Least Un-Great) Hits

I won't get much blogging done in the next couple of days. But since this blog is entirely devoted to stuff that's out of date, the posts have a long shelf life, so I thought I'd fill in the blogging gap by directing you to some older posts that I still like:

My posts on Animaniacs, Part 1 and Part 2, take an exhaustingly long time to explain why I consider this one of the best TV cartoons of the '90s (even though most animation insiders of my acquaintance consider it only slightly less evil than "Clutch Cargo" was).

I used to do periodic posts on "Obscure Musicals," and I hope to do some more; one that might be of interest even if you don't much care for musicals is my piece on What Makes Sammy Run, which was turned into a Broadway musical by a team that included the writer of the original novel, Budd Schulberg.

"Things that Suck: The Smoggies" - On the "enviro-toon" and perhaps the worst example, worse even than Captain Planet. For some reason a lot of the hits I get through Google are from people searching for info on "Smoggies" and/or "Suntots."

Bad Sitcoms With Good Writing - Wherein I spend more time than I probably should explaining why "Who's the Boss" was better written than "Full House."

A relic of my English majorhood, two posts on Thackeray's Vanity Fair here and here. Don't worry, these posts contain no deconstruction of any kind and are therefore relatively non-toxic.

Grudge Matches I'd Like To See and Son of the Return of Grudge Matches I'd Like to See - Just because, with the demise of the original Grudge Match site, somebody's gotta keep doing it.

Finally, after Election 2004, I was the only blogger to give an effective explanation of Voting patterns in Ohio.

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