Saturday, February 12, 2005

TVTome Fun

Haven't posted much lately, but I have a couple of longer posts that should be up soon. In the meantime: one feature I like at TV Tome is that if you go to the listing for a writer or director and click "More Info," it'll give you a list of all the episodes he or she was credited on (or at least all the credits that have made it into the database). Then you can click on the individual episodes and shows to get a better idea about that person's career. It's a good resource for a credits-geek like myself.

So, for example, click on "More Info" for Mitchell Hurwitz or Marc Cherry and you'll know which TV episodes they wrote before hitting it big (there was a good article recently about how many good shows have been created or run by people who started on The Golden Girls). Or click on Stephen J. Cannell and wonder how he ever found time to sleep or eat. Or learn that there is, in fact, some truth to the rumor that James Burrows has directed a lot of TV episodes.

Want to know which Dobie Gillis episodes Max Shulman wrote himself? (And why are so few of Shulman's books in print now?) Or the Rockford Files contributions of David Chase? It's all there, thanks to "More Info."

The obvious crack is that instead of "More Info" it should be "Too Much Info." But with me, that's a distinction without a difference.

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