Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Best Of... Who?

I can't post today, but one of the nice things about doing a blog about non-current stuff is that the posts don't date as fast as the up-to-date blogs. So I thought I'd direct your attention to some older posts of mine that I kind of like. If you want new stuff, well, why don't you go to... uh... the new-stuff place.

Anyway, here are some of last year's better posts:

Autumn For Hitler -- on why Broadway musical comedies were not meant to run more than a year.

Bring Back the Laugh Track! -- everything has been done before, you say? Everything except defending the sitcom laugh track. No one ever did that before. And no one ever will again. Or should.

Why I Don't Dig Dylan -- my dissing of Bob Dylan, and singer-songwriters in general, really should have attracted as many nasty comments as my post on Family Guy. Apparently Family Guy has more devoted fans online than Bob Dylan. Which even I think is a little sad.

Things That Suck: Charles in Charge. 'Nuff said. I should do more "Things that Suck" posts, and I will soon.

My piece on the Broadway play The Moon is Blue.

And if you're in a real film-geek mood, The Bad and the Boom Shot, an analysis of Vincente Minnelli's long takes in the movie The Bad and the Beautiful.

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