Thursday, November 18, 2004

Out of My Way, I'm a Harvard Man!

I just happened upon a list of the Harvard Lampoon's selections, year by year, for Worst Movies of the Year. Some may recall that Natalie Wood made some headlines one year when she showed up to receive her "worst actress" award, making her the first person actually to receive the award in person.

Anyway, the most interesting part, today, is the year-by-year lists of the ten worst movies, which gives a good indication of which movies seemed particularly stupid, bloated, pretentious or dull at the time. In general, the lists do a pretty good job of bypassing the obvious B-grade movies and going for big-studio snoozers like The Best of Everything, The Chapman Report and The Howards of Virginia. However, putting Son of Paleface on the list of the ten worst of 1952 is pretty ridiculous, and was obviously just payback for the way that movie mercilessly rags on Harvard.

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