Monday, June 14, 2004

Lyrical Interlude

Speaking of The A-Team, I once tried, for fun, to put lyrics to Mike Post's theme music. And since if a blog is for anything it's for recycling stuff you can't use anywhere else, I figured I'd post 'em here. (After the introductory rum-te-tum):

Cheer for the Team!
Watch 'em fight!
It's the same thing
Every Tuesday night!
If they're so great,
Tell me just this:
Why do their guns
Always miss?
One thing I've learned from
All of their plots:
We lost the war 'cause
They were lousy shots!
Hannibal has the jazz and disguises,
Face is like Rockford, only less tall.
Murdock, who flies, supplies some surprises,
B.A. Baracus pities them all.
Once they had a girl there, you know,
But pretty soon she was fired 'cause she desired
A little more than seven lines per show.
They will defeat
Crazy fools
Long as they've got
Lots of welding tools!
If you enjoy
Four macho men,
Tune in and watch
The A-Team win again!

I also recently tried fitting words to the theme song from King of the Hill:

King of the Hill, I'm King of the Hill, that's all that I want to be,
I get a thrill from gas and a grill, I'm Texan, alive and free
In Arlen.
I've got a house, a son and a spouse, and sometimes a live-in niece,
Try though I might to raise Bobby right, he always disturbs my peace.
Twig-boys show up,
Make me throw up,
Life is a blur, it's crazy and random,
Changes occur, I don't understand 'em.
Life can be clear when I have a beer with Boomhauer, Dale and Bill,
I'm out of step, but when I give a "yep," then you know that I'm glad I'm still
Hank Hill.

One more, a short one this time, to an early version of the theme song from The Bob Newhart Show (they rerranged it several times in several seasons):

Bob has a button-down mind
And Bob is a great psychologist,
Weirdos and psycopaths really need him.
Bob works a button-down grind
Then goes home and kisses Emily,
He's glad that Emily's there to feed him.
Bob may be better known
For his routines on the telephone.
Caught in a button-down bind?
A fix of the button-down kind?
Then come to the button-down mind
And Bob will save the day.

Okay, that's out of my system. I promise, no more.

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