Monday, October 16, 2006

Worst Cartoon Adaptation Ever?

Paul Mavis's TV-on-DVD reviews are becoming a highlight of (especially since the DVD Savant's gotten kind of grumpy lately), and today he does a number on the animated Dick Tracy, which is, as he makes clear, really doesn't have much to do with Dick Tracy at all.

It's too bad, because Dick Tracy is some of the best material imaginable for an action-adventure cartoon series; "Batman" worked extremely well as a TV cartoon and Chester Gould's strip offers many of the things that worked for "Batman," like simple, streamlined character designs and a great assortment of villains. If Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy movie had been a bigger hit, I suspect someone might have produced a real Tracy cartoon as part of the early '90s animation boom, but it wasn't and therefore nobody did.

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