Friday, September 01, 2006

Feel The Power of the Carlton Dance!

You know, I used to watch "Fresh Prince of Bel Air," and I was dimly aware at the time that the character of Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) was popular. (The show was supposed to be about the relationship of Will Smith and the guy playing his uncle; instead it became mostly about Will and Carlton because Carlton was sort of a cross between Alex Keaton and Urkel.) But I only recently became aware of something called The Carlton Dance.

I must have seen the wrong episodes or something, because I was never aware that Carlton's spastic dancing was a running gag on that show. But apparently it was, and it's gained something of a cult following. A search for the phrase "Carlton Dance" on Google brings up tens of thousands of hits; on YouTube there are something like a hundred videos devoted to The Carlton Dance, including non-Carlton people trying to prove that they, too, can do The Carlton Dance.

The point of this post? None, except that it's impossible to keep up with what does or doesn't have a cult following.

And here it is -- THE CARLTON DANCE -- complete with its typical accompaniment, "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones.


Lacy said...

The Carlton Dance! Yeah! Whenever I need a laugh, I think about Alfonso Ribeiro doing the Carlton Dance -- he is AWESOME! So funny. I have tried and TRIED and I don't think I can do it justice.

Jimmy Aquino said...

Alfonso Ribeiro based the Carlton Dance on Bruce Springsteen and Courteney Cox's dance moves from the Brian De Palma-directed "Dancing in the Dark" video. Too bad you didn't pick a better clip of the dance, like a clip that doesn't include Carlton's little brother--The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's show-killing equivalent of Cousin Oliver or Andy Keaton. I would have embedded the clip of Carlton dancing in front of Tom Jones when he guest-starred as himself.

The Carlton Dance is always amusing, but the funniest Fresh Prince running gag has to be Will's best friend Jazz constantly causing himself to get thrown out of the house by Uncle Phil:

Anonymous said...

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