Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Obscure Peanuts References

The official Peanuts site, which was previously reprinting strips from the early '70s and late '60s, has now gone back to the '50s strips that have already been reprinted in the Complete Peanuts books. This one has always kind of tickled me, since it's one of those strips that didn't usually get reprinted in the trade paperbacks -- Schulz or his syndicator tended to leave out the strips that had topical pop-culture references. And the particular cultural reference here, while obscure, is pretty funny: it plays on the fact that "Stardust" had, by the '50s, become such a standard that it hardly seemed like a pop song at all.

Correction: These strips are in fact from 1959, which will be reprinted in the next Complete Peanuts volume.

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