Monday, January 02, 2006

In Which I Am Easily Amused

Noticing that a DVD release has been announced for the show "Police Woman," and not remembering the show very well, I decided to look at the episode guide and remind myself of what kind of stories they did.

Based on the following plot descriptions, all from the first season, it seems there's a pattern here:

Pepper [Angie Dickinson] and Crowley pose as bank employees to nail a particularly vicious gang of bank robbers.

Pepper investigates a school for modeling to which many young runaway girls are attracted.

Pepper and Bill go undercover to catch a rapist/killer who is targeting the wives of patients at a hospital.

Pepper goes undercover as an Airline Stewardess when her snitch is shot before he was able to tell her about the drug deal.

Pepper goes undercover in a woman's prison after a convict is slain who could have helped put away a mobster.

Pepper goes undercover as a nurse in a retirement home to find out who murdered a elderly woman.

Pepper goes undercover as a bored housewife when a blackmailer is found murdered the next likely victim is the suspect's husband.

Pepper goes undercover at a high school as a teacher to hunt down a group of drug pushers.

The deaths of a prominent politician and a nightclub dancer in a car explosion send Pepper to work as a go-go dancer for the club's owner, a one-time poor boy with a powerful yen for the finer things in life.

There's nothing like a '70s cop show. It's like the plots were created through mad libs: "Pepper goes undercover at a ___________."

With real shows like this, who needs Kresky?

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